Best Details for the Perfect Washing for You Now

The washing machine is a tame machine. Worn clothes, loose fibers, unwanted folds and wasteful water cause a significant loss of time and money. And all these buttons, all these programs. Where to start.

If you are motivated, start by reading the manual that came with your device. If not, read our 14 basic tips for washing everything without spoiling anything. Learn to tame laundry.

Pamper your machine, it will reward you.

Put your washing machine and, in addition to making flawless linen, it ensures the longevity and maintenance of the optimal performance of the device for many years.

  • Front: A wet sponge will make your washing machine shine.
  • The laundry tub: pull it out of the base regularly for cleaning with lukewarm water.
  • The seals of the door: a toothbrush is introduced into the corners of the door to ship dust addressers.
  • The cleaning of the drum: every month, a cycle of empty washing will give it a second youth.

The descaling of the drum: the vinegar, launched in a high temperature cycle effectively removes the limestone.

Good to know: a successful machine is first a well-filled drum. You must be able to slip a hand. Be careful, if you are cleaning delicate textiles, aim for the half load. The programs and in particular the speed of rotation of the drum are then provided for few clothes.

Clean a washing machine

Make the good choice

If there is any laundry you care for, pamper it with the laundry it needs. In particular, there are detergents for white, for black, for wool, for silk, etc. You can also choose a laundry according to your needs or your convictions: baby laundry, hypoallergenic laundry or organic laundry. With the use of the Laundry Washing Ball the deals get best in washing now.

Learn how to dose.

We tend to always put too much laundry. However, if not enough laundry detracts from the quality of the wash, too much harm to the environment. In addition, you may have poorly rinsed and stained textiles, especially if you do not use liquid laundry. You must therefore adapt your dosage to the hardness of the water (index indicated on your water bill), the degree of dirt of the textiles and the load of the drum. The correct dose is indicated on your laundry package.

A cycle, it is cog it.

You have sorted your laundry so choose the program you need according to the proposals of your machine. This one usually offers you classic programs with various temperatures (to adapt according to the washing tips on the label of your articles) and special programs (wool, synthetics, Optic A, flash, etc.).

Take the time to read the instructions for your washing machine and if necessary leave it in evidence, in order to always find the right cycle.