Keeping the air conditioner temperature too low is a waste

It is bad for health and also for savings. The temperature difference between the interior and the exterior of should not exceed 7 and 8 ° C. So, the advice is not to get carried away by turning home in the North Pole! The wisest thing is to set the temperature of the air conditioner between 20 and 25 ° C. In order to k now more about Aircon service Geelong, you can always go through the official web sites.

Ventilate the air conditioner

As is the case with radiators in winter, it is necessary to “breathe” the air conditioner to ensure proper ventilation and not to impede cold air. So covering it with curtains or ornamental plants to embellish the furnishing effect is a mistake to avoid.

Tighten the windows!

Keeping the air conditioning switched on with the windows open should be avoided. As in the car with the windows, even at home when the air conditioner is switched on, it is preferable to close the windows. In doing so, the heat will not enter the house and the air conditioning will not be dispersed outside, speeding up the cooling of the rooms.

Also dehumidifying the air helps the cold

Lowering the humidity in the rooms helps to dissipate the heat. In fact, it is useful to be able to use the dehumidifying function separately from that of the air conditioner. In this way, energy is saved without giving up refrigeration: the only dehumidifier can lower the temperature by 3 ° C and the heat.

When to turn on the air conditioner?

You can program it to switch on the air conditioner (where it allows it!) So that it activates just before anyone returns home. In addition it is advisable to limit its use when temperatures are high, such as during lunchtime and early afternoon. At other times of the day you can resort to traditional methods, opening the windows of the less hot rooms and keeping the doors open, thus creating drafts.

Tints the exterior walls with light colors

Have you thought about repainting your home? Do it with light colors! Painting the exterior walls of the house in light colors will allow you to keep your home cool: dark colors absorb most of the sun’s radiation, so for this summer do not get caught unprepared.

Surrounded by plants

In order to save energy in summer, it is advisable to plant at least one large tree in the garden: this will help you to lower the surrounding temperature, as the plant grows by exploiting the heat of the atmosphere. In this way you will have a beautiful garden and a cooler home.